Gabbys Wordspeller™ - ESL Phonetic Dictionary

About Gabby's Wordspeller™ & Phonetic Dictionary

Gabby's Wordspeller™ & Phonetic Dictionary is primarily designed to allow the user to locate their word by the way it sounds (phonetically). As a resource tool, she enables the user with the ability to not only locate their word within seconds – but, as a phonetic dictionary, it qualifies as being suitable for ESL, EFL and dyslexics.

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This reference book (unlike any dictionary ever created) also performs these functions:


emigrant or immigrant?

gym or gem?

marry or merry?

scene or seen or seine?

pedal or petal or peddle?

carrot or karat or caret or carat?

Thousands of these cross-referenced words exist in Gabby's

Won't Repeat Mistakes

spelled phonetically could be...

spelled phonetically could be...



Learn to spell the word correctly the first time you search for it

All these words, as well as thousands of other words are cross-referenced extensively throughout the phonetic dictionary.

Gabby's provides short, concise definitions to enable the user to quickly identify which word they wish to spell correctly. This lends the user the ability to then consult a standard dictionary for further definitions if desired.

Misspellings involve transposing letters which are most commonly misinterpreted in hearing such as:

't'with'd' 'au'with'ow'
'b'with'p' 'ch'with'sh'
'ph'with'f' 'ou'with'ow'
'kn'with'n' 'th'with'f'
'qu'with'kw' 'c'with's'

Another advantage of Gabby's is that she provides suffix endings for over 35,000 (which translates to nearly 100,000) commonly used ROOT words to include legal, medical and slang. Over 12 notable standard dictionaries were required to retrieve every conceivable suffix ending for each word. No single dictionary performs this added feature.

Each book contains an easy to use CD Tutorial for PC which illustrates how to fully utilize the 3 other resource tools available in Gabby's such as suffix endings, prefixes and prefix definitions. The tutorial is accompanied by Mozart. Baroque music has been scientifically proven to encourage dendrite firing of neurons in the brain which lends to more thorough learning.

As well, Gabby's has extensively researched and provided within her contents all known "proper" prefixes as well as their definitions. Knowing the definition of a prefix is half-way to understanding the word.

View the free tutorial available on this website.