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Each purchase you make in April will include a free copy of the children's book, "Adventures of Jang Jang; Jang Jang Goes to Mexico"

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Purchasing information:

1) Gabby's Wordspeller ESL interior text is turned horizontal to allow more text with less pages, keeping the book smaller than if the text were positioned horizontal. Kids love this and it is more manageable for them to quickly search through pages for their word than with the standard layout. View the video on the 'home' page of school kids using the dictionary.

2) If you prefer a traditional book layout, interior text is turned vertical, rather than the horizontal text layout, our other Wordspeller Dictionaries (published in 2015) will please you. Please click on this link to be routed to our other website featuring all dictionaries available in the standard/traditional vertical layout.

3) Gabbys Wordspeller ESL is only available in 2-color text. Misspelled words are in a burgundy color to help quickly differentiate from the correctly spelled words. This was intentionally designed for dyslexics but most people find they prefer this to a 1-color edition.

Two editions are available, a Hardbound/Case edition and the Trade/Paperback edition. Please select either below.

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