Gabbys Wordspeller™ - ESL Phonetic Dictionary

Endorsements of
Gabby's Wordspeller™ & Phonetic Dictionary

Fastest Spell Checker in the West! Find the word by the way it sounds!

"I absolutely love this book!"

Joan T. Esposito, Dyslexia Awareness & Resource Center,

"As a high school English teacher for 14 years, I watched students struggling to look up a word in the dictionary to determine its spelling. Because our language is rarely phonetic, they needed to know the spelling of the word in order to look it up! When I was working with Diane Frank's daughter, Gabrielle, teaching her eyes to work together as a team so that she could read...I have even found it valuable myself on occasion when I have been "stuck" on a word and "spell check" is not helping! I highly recommend this book for those who struggle with spelling the English language as well as those who occasionally get "stuck" with spelling."

Marlene Inverso, O. D., M. S. Education, Reading Specialist & Learning Consultant

"I would recommend this dictionary for kids in grade 3 and up. Third graders want everything to be spelled correctly but often are just moving from the "sound it out" stage. This dictionary lets them sound it out while discovering the correct spelling of the word. The best quality of this book is that kids can look up words by the sounds they hear."

Marie Godsey, 3rd grade teacher, Skyline Elementary Schoool, WA

"I have passed out all but two books from the case I ordered and that just because the person they go to was out today. Everyone that sees them has been extremely excited. Goose bumps occurred on several occasions! Several students have used their whole class period looking up words. One even stated, "Look, now we can spell dyslexic when we tell people what we have." Great day!!!"

V.S., Special Education, Early Middle School, TX

"...If you can't spell a word, you cannot find it in a dictionary. The problem is in figuring out which spelling is the one that everyone else will use and understand... here is where the most powerful tool—the dictionary—is also the most inaccessible... if we err in guessing the first 2 or 3 letters of the word, we will never find it... This reference book should be in every school library, in every classroom and at home on every student's desk. It is the key to independence for every learner."

Abigail Marshall, Author of 'The Everything Parent's Guide to Children with Dyslexia'
& 'When Your Child Has... Dyslexia'

"This book good for me. I learn English from Japanese teacher in Japan. I am a interchange student in Freemont at high school two months. I not understand what people say here. They say 'kwer' and I find they mean 'career'. Thank you for the book!"

Iseii Fugishi, International High School Exchange Student, Seattle, WA

"I bought your book for my daughter who has always had a hard time in school spelling, she was even in special ed classes for reading and writing. She saw your book and had to have one. When her boyfriend saw it he liked it too. These are kids in their 20's who are using your book for college classes. Thank you so much for the help you have given them with your book. I feel the more people who know and use the book the better. Most important to me is that it helped my daughter and I cannot thank you enough! You did a great job! It may take time but I feel your book will be a regular like the dictionary and the thesaurus books!"

Kary Foltz, Laytonville, CA

"Yes, definitely recommend this book! It is a great source for those students who have trouble with a dictionary. It is very kid friendly - my kids love using it."

Susan Habersetzer, 5th grade teacher, Tacoma, WA

"We would like to contract this book for publication-distribution rights through our university, now located in over 30 Latin countries."

Directora General, Department of Publicaciones, Universidad de Colima, Colima, MX

"I just received the Wordspeller™ phonetic dictionary. This is exactly what I was hoping for! It is a resource I will keep close at hand forever. Well actually, I'll leave it at my office desk as that is where I have the most urgent and most frequent need to figure out how to spell something correctly. Thanks a million."

Bruce Reid, Engineer, Bellingham, WA

"This book has helped me in so many ways, especially English 101. I am a student with dyslexia at South Puget Sound Community College working on my degree in business."

Crystal Moore, Olympia, WA