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English Spelling

Library Association Literacy & Outreach Services

National Adult Literacy Database (NALD)

** Children of the Code - Nonprofit Social Education Project **
Children of the Code

"Considering the number of children and adults affected and the profoundly negative life-consequences, even if we cut the NAEP and NAAL numbers in half, more children are at risk of long-term life-harm from the consequence of reading difficulties than from parental abuse, accidents, and all other childhood diseases and disorders combined. In addition to each individual's pain, shame, and loss of opportunity, the collective costs to all of us; socially, politically, and economically are staggering."

In purely economic terms the price tag is many hundreds of billions of dollars each year.
— Dr. Reid Lyon
Past-Branch Chief, National Institute of Child Health & Human Development


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(Adults & Youth)

Dyslexic Advantage

Famous People with the Gift of Dyslexia

Wonderful explanation about the brain as
it relates to dyslexia and dyslectics



Saundspel, the phonology forum:a discussion group for those interested in spelling by sound, applied linguistics, writing systems, history and spelling reforms

Dr. Richard Venezky
Author: The American Way of Spelling: The Structure of English Orthography


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