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Gabby's Story

image"Hello thank you for looking in here to see my moms hard work! Ever sence I started school my teachers have told my mom they thot I was dumb because I could not read, write, and spell as good as all the uther kids. I am now 13 the date is December 9 1998 I will be 14 on Febuary 10! My mom sead she would put this letter in the book just as I roght it so you can see my problum. For the first time ever people are starting to find and see what they can do to help me. My teachers Melinda Lamm and Brett Cook are the first one to help. I am in M.A.P. program (M.A.P. stands for Marshall Alternitive Program) It has ben hard for me to see every one of my papers come back with red ink ALL OVER IT!! It hurts my filing. One night I was at the computer tiping a repor and I asked my mom to help me spell a word. She sead 'Look it up' I sead 'It is cinda hard if I dont know whut the next letter is!' Right then and ther a light bulb went ON in my moms head. She told me she was going to wright me a fenetick dechonary, AND here it is :) I told her to sale it to all the people in the world so it would help the to. My brother Billy is the Best artest in the world he helped with it ot he made the cover. I love my mom and brother, they helped me my hole life. Thank you so much for reading this. I just want to say one more thing this is my faveret saying. I say this to the world YOU GO GIRL" />